EMAIL ..Setup & Certificates


POP3 for desktop
IMAP for mobile

Certificate Warning! - Zehr Server Certificate does not match your site. The device is seeing the main server certificate. Two Certificates may be involved, the main certificate and your domain certificate

NO CONTINUE (iOS/MacOS) - Mail stop working ..Certificate Error

Option 1. SSL OFF and Back ON Go to Settings, Accounts, Email Account, Advanced, Turn off SSL, Click done, Open Mail, Go back to Settings, Turn On SSL, Click CONTINUE (CONTINUE trusts the Cert).

Option 2. Delete the IMAP account and Re-Setup During Setup it will show Continue Option for Both Incoming & Outgoing!

server: mail.__________
(server can be your website domain name we host or the main domain name for the server we are hosting your site on. You will see that name in the certificate warning)
Username: full email
Password: _______
---Advanced Settings were left as default
SSL On - may be required by ISP
Authentication: Password
IMAP Ports: 143 (Non-Encrypted) / 993 (SSL/TLS)
POP Port: 110 (Non-Encrypted) / 995 (SSL/TLS)

server: mail.__________ (use same incoming)
Username: full email
SSL On - may be required by ISP
Authentication: Password
SMTP Port 25/587 (Non-Encrypted) / 465/587 (SSL/TLS)

Clicked Done, it verified slowly, then popup which did have a Continue option. Then it verified more and again another popup with another Continue option for outgoing. Then after a minute about, it should complete and work.

NOTE: Make sure MAIL is allowed to use cellar data if not on wifi. If not allowed, it gets stuck in verify and you will need to close MAIL.

Password Test --- login at webmail.___________

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