Getting Information Out or Rebrand Your Business?
A central location for details, time for a fresh look at logos, print materials, ads, communications.

What are the goals for your website?
Goals may include: Introducing new products or services, Supplementing present services or information systems, Reaching new audiences with existing services or products and/or sharing information with others.

What should the website contain?
The content needs to be chosen based on the goal or goals of your website. A content list or site outline is very helpful. It may be beneficial to plan the growth of your site in stages (i.e., three year plan: 1. basic information with contact information 2. introduction of online product sales 3. addition of interactive product demonstrations)

How should the website be organized?
Websites need to be organized from the point of view of the end user - your audience and search engines. Please review other sites for ideas. The Portfolio below should give you several ideas.

What should the site look like?
Logos, colors (color chart / color palette), photos, clip art, fonts and text content should all play a role and complement each other in the look of the site.

Complexity of the website?
Some sites are thousands of lines of code on each page, requiring highest leavels of data transfer, and a multitude of visitor tracking scripts. Other sites are clean, minimal coding, very fast loading, with greatest device compatibility.

Who will create and maintain your website?
Time and desire! Only you can answer this question.

Level/Type of Mobile Friendly?
Mobile Compatible / Mobile Companion and Mobile Responsive/Full Flex
Which is best for your site and visitors, or will the browsers take care of it (example, Safari Reader Mode)

Marketing your website?
Building your site is priority one, telling people about it is ongoing.
Need of more? ...contact brad@zehr.net with your goals.

Videos Services ...see examples

Dynamic Databases
Make your site more dynamic, make some types of site updates faster. Uses include: Membership databases, News postings, Forums, Document systems, Blogs, Classifieds, Tracking Systems, Inventory Systems, Job Postings, Shopping Carts, etc.
Advantages include: no extra client software or version issues, remote access, use via internet browser and many security options. Take a single computer access databased info to multi-user cloud access.

Clean Professional Web Sites

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